CHIN 334

Intensive Intermediate Chinese I (for non-heritage students)

CHIN 334 (6 credits) (8hrs/week)

Encountering everyday scenarios like a pro! CHIN 334 is an intensive course with a holistic approach to develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of the Chinese language at the intermediate level for non-heritage students. The course emphasizes on learning how to act and react during situations such as shopping or choosing your next residences. The course incorporates face to face oral practices as an opportunity for students to practice their communication skills.

This course corresponds with the ACTFL Intermediate-Low Level Language Proficiency.

Textbook : Integrated Chinese (Simplified Character 3rd Edition) Level 2, Part 1

Prerequisite : CHIN 233, 234 or equivalent

Equivalent : CHIN 331 + 333

Placement interview : required (except for continuing students with advancement approval from previous class)

Continued Area of Study : CHIN 335, 338

Summer 2024
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