1.1. ALL incoming and continuing students who wish to take ANY CHIN, CNTO, or CLCH-titled courses are required to complete an “On-Line Placement Questionnaire” on to obtain a placement approval for registration. Students without the approval will be removed from the class.Please note, submitting false records or information, in writing or orally, or falsifying academic credentials is considered serious Academic Misconduct and is subject to penalty. Please see UBC calendar on Academic Misconduct for more details:,54,111,959

1.2. Students are only eligible for courses listed on their placement approval for the current term. Students who have concerns about their results should email for assistance before class starts. After class starts, students should contact their instructors for assistance.

1.3. If a course is full, students should register in the waitlist section of the same course. Please see Asian Studies website for more details on waitlist information:

1.4. Students who fail to remove themselves from a course that they are not eligible for are responsible for any course fees assessed and will not receive any credits for the course. The Department reserves the right to remove students from courses that they are not eligible for.

1.5. Students who fail to attend the first week of class will be removed from the registration list. A student on waitlist who either fails to attend the first day of class or any subsequent days will be automatically ineligible for any seats that become available.

1.6. A student must receive a minimum grade of 60% to advance to the next higher level in the Chinese Language Program. Students who fail to meet the requirement will have to repeat the course and achieve at least 60% before they can continue in the program. Please note that course credits will not be granted twice in this case.

1.7. Auditing is generally not allowed for undergraduate students. Graduate students who wish to audit a CHIN class must get instructor permission.

2.1. Attendance is imperative for successful completion of language courses. Students who are unavoidably absent because of illness or emergencies should report their situation to the instructors as soon as possible. In such cases, a doctor’s note or appropriate documentation from academic or departmental advisors explaining the absence, otherwise a 0.5% ~ 1% deduction will be levied against the final grade for each unexcused absence. Arriving late or leaving early is disruptive for class and will lead to deduction of participation marks. Being late for 20 minutes or more or leaving 20 minutes or before will be counted as one absence.

2.2. Students who miss class for more than one fourth (1/4) of the entire course will NOT be allowed to take the final examination at the end of the academic term and will not receive course credits. One fourth of the course translates into 12 classes in a course that meets 4 times a week, 6 classes in a course that meets two times a week, and 3 classes in a course that meets once a week. Please see also the UBC Calendar for related information:,36,0,0 )

2.3. If a student has to miss class for an extended period of time due to medical, emotional or other personal issues, the student should notify his/her instructor and contact the Academic Advising Office in his/her Faculty for advice and assistance.

2.4. If a student has to miss a class, it is the student’s responsibility to find out from classmates or online what course content has been discussed and what work has been assigned.

2.5. Computers and other electronic device are not to be used unless they are required for class related activities. Cell phones should be switched off or to silence mode before class. Failure to do so in classroom is considered disrespectful and will lead to deduction of participation marks.

2.6. Please observe etiquette regarding contacting instructors. It is highly recommended that students address their instructors in the following way: Last Name + Laoshi, for example, Wang Laoshi. Please do not expect to receive an email response from an instructor immediately. Instructors will reply to students’ emails within 48 hours during regular teaching days. Students are strongly encouraged to talk to their instructors in person if necessary.

3.1. Written assignments are due at the start of class on their scheduled due date, unless advised otherwise. A student who turns in an assignment after the due date without a properly documented excuse will receive a maximum grade of “C+” for this assignment.

3.2. If a student anticipates that he/she will not be able to attend a class and submit the assignment on its scheduled due date, he/she must notify the instructor in writing to make arrangements ensuring that the assignment is submitted PRIOR to the deadline.

4.1. In general, no make-up exams, tests, and quizzes will be given.

4.2. If, due to compelling extenuating circumstances, one must miss a quiz, test, or other assessments, please call or email the instructor BEFORE class or test starts. Any notification made afterwards will be considered INVALID. In these cases, the instructor will make arrangements at his/her own discretion.

4.3. Final exams are scheduled centrally by UBC; any individual request for earlier or late final exams will NOT be accommodated unless one has 3 exams within 24 hours. Make-up for final exam will NOT be granted unless written academic concession has been formally approved by the Dean’s office. Students who wish to make a request for academic concession must inform their instructors prior to the final exam. For more information, please see,48,0,0

5.1. Academic dishonesty is considered a very serious issue. All forms of cheating are serious offenses and can lead to a failing grade/zero on the assignment/in the course, suspension from the University for a specified period of time, or expulsion from the University, and other more consequences. Any and all incidents of academic dishonesty will be reported to the President’s Office. Please see “Student Conduct and Discipline” on UBC calendar at:,286,0,0 and,54,111,0

6.1. The Chinese Language Program strictly follows UBC and Faculty of Arts regulations on grading. Please see the UBC calendar and the Faculty of Arts website for more information,,42,0,0

6.2. UBC courses are graded on a percentage basis; corresponding to letter grades which are assigned automatically by the Registrar.

Percent Grade Level of Achievement Percent Grade Level of Achievement
90-100 A+ exceptional 64-67 C+ adequate
85-89 A exceptional 60-63 C adequate
80-84 A- exceptional 55-59 C- adequate
76-79 B+ competent 50-54 D adequate
72-75 B competent 0-49 F* inadequate
68-71 B- competent

6.3. Scaling of the Grades: Marks in this course may be scaled. If scaling is required, it will be carried out after each assignment, so that students will know where they stand going into the final examination. If scaling is done on the final examination, students will be informed if they ask to review their examination. Students should note that an unofficial grade given by an instructor might be changed by the faculty, department or school. Grades are not official until they appear on a student’s academic record.

Language Program follows UBC Calendar in accommodation for students with disabilities. Please see UBC calendar for more details,,285,0,0

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