General Placement Principles


General Placement Principles for students who have taken CHINESE abroad (e.g. in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, or Singapore) or in Canada:

Abroad Canada Placement
 Grade 1  Mandarin 10  CHIN141
 Grade 2  Mandarin 11  CHIN241
 Grade 3-4  Mandarin 12  CHIN300
 Grades 5- 6  CHIN400 level heritage language classes (CHIN435-CHIN447)
 Grades 7-12  CHIN400 level Classical Chinese and Literature Courses (CHIN491/493/494, CHIN461/463, CHIN471/473, CHIN481/483/484)
(Note: CHIN451/453, CHIN455/457 are non-heritage courses)



This guide is provided only for general placement purpose. If the students’ actual proficiency is higher than the academic records indicate, they have the right to register for higher level courses.

For students who have taken Mandarin both abroad and in Canada, the placement will be made according to the higher level of the education. (For example, if a student took Grade 5 abroad, but also took Mandarin 12 in Vancouver, he/she should be placed into 400 level language courses.)

Although a recommendation will be given by an interviewer on the placement interview, a student may be placed at a higher or lower level at the discretion of the course instructor after classes have begun. In such a case, a space will be guaranteed in the appropriate course.

Any student who has completed Grade 6 or higher level courses in the PRC, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Singapore will be ineligible for any and all 100-400 level CHIN language courses. Students will NOT BE GIVEN CREDIT for a course for which they are deemed ineligible.