2024 Summer Term 1 Volunteer Recruitment

To apply, click here✨ 

Application Period: May 1, 2024 – May 8th, 2024 (PDT Vancouver)

As the leading language program in North America, the UBC Chinese Language Program provides both heritage and non-heritage language courses for students from diverse backgrounds.  

As the new term starts, we are seeking volunteers to join us. With many upcoming events, we welcome all genuine volunteers to come and help us in making them successful!  

Benefits of becoming a volunteer:

  1. You will receive a personalized volunteer certificate at the end of the term with your successfully completed volunteer hours. No minimum hours are required.
  2. Bonus Marksare available for specific CHIN-titled courses (Please refer to the2024S1 UBC CLP Student Volunteer CHIN-titled Course Bonus Mark Policyfor more details)
  3. Those who perform above expectations may be considered TAWL candidates in the future.
  4. Volunteering with the Chinese Language Program offers great opportunities to meet new people and enhancecommunication, event planning, and interpersonal skills. 
  5. Eligible to apply for astandard reference letterof volunteer experience from the Chinese Language ProgramVolunteer Management Teamafter 60 hours of volunteering in one academic year. 
  6. Opportunities to participate in the Chinese Language Program student employee social and professional events held in the upcoming winter session (such as Student Employee Celebration at the end of term, professional development workshop series, etc.).

If you are interested in becoming a part of the team, please click HERE, OR scan the QR code to fill out the application form: 

Application Deadline: Wednesday, May 8th, 2024 @11:59 PM (PDT Vancouver)

The application form will CLOSE after the deadline. If you wish to make changes AFTER the deadline, please contact the Volunteer Management Team at Chinese.Volunteering@ubc.ca 

Our Volunteer Responsibilities include: 

  • Assist in Oral Practice (OP) as a language partner with Chinese learners to improve their pronunciation.
  • Having opportunities to participate in Other Officially Confirmed Events (Other Events) with the program, such as assisting in the planning, organization, and execution of activities sponsored or hosted by the Chinese Language Program.

Watch our introduction/welcome video and subscribe to our YouTube channel:


Feel free to check-out participant reflections on the in-person Oral Practice (OP) from previous volunteers, students and TAs through the insightful interviews!


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