Student Projects

2020 UBC CHIN143 & 243 Final Project Festival

CHIN143 and CHIN243 are Chinese language courses offered by UBC’s Asian Studies department. A series of classroom activities has encouraged heritage students to trace back the origins of their cultural identity, experience the diverse cultures surrounding them, explore their connection to the world, and define their unique identity. Today, students from both classes have presented their outstanding final projects. Please follow their footsteps and listen closely to what they want to say.




2018W T2 CHIN 463&473 Poetry Projects

在中华五千年的浩瀚的历史中,诗词就像是一颗璀璨的明珠,在文学艺术的星空中熠熠生辉,又像是一股升腾了千年的香气,在文学艺术的长廊上弥漫、缭绕。UBC文学课的同学们在为博大精深的诗词文化深深着迷的同时,也创作出了一些优美动人的诗词。今天就让我们一起鉴赏来自他们的优美诗词吧! In the 5,000-year history of China, poetry is like a dazzling pearl, shining in the starry sky of literature and art, and like a fragrance that has risen for thousands of years, permeating on the gallery of literature and art. While students of UBC’s Chinese Literature class were deeply fascinated by the profound Chinese […]




2019W T1 CHIN 131 Student Projects

This term in the CHIN 131 section of Qian Wang Laoshi, students have received an interesting out-class task, “Characters Everywhere”. This task aims to guide students to discover the deeper meaning beyond the Chinese characters that they daily encounter, and encourage students to relate the characters to their own experience. Let’s take a look at […]