Welcoming The Year Of The Rat!

If you walked around the AMS Nest anytime last week, you might have heard the loud banging of drums or the ocean of laughter coming from the Lower Atrium. That was, in fact, the sound of our Lunar New Year Festivities! From 11:00 AM all the way to 3:00 PM, the AMS Nest was transformed into a space full of bright red decorations as well as a space alive with activity. Prepared lovingly by our Cantonese, Korean, and Chinese Language Programs, the day was a time to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Rat. It was also a day to celebrate and share the cultures that celebrate Lunar New Year with the rest of the student body!

One of the biggest themes of the event was “sharing cultures” and generating intercultural exchange between activities and the student body. Students were able to use the event as a counterpoint to understanding their own culture as well as the culture of those who celebrate Lunar New Year. The event also showcased culture beyond just Lunar New Year and also encompassed a mixture of traditional and contemporary expressions of East Asian culture. We are so proud of UBC being a space that allows us to share our cultures with the student body and are ecstatic that we were able to share that through activities, dance, and song!

UBC is proud to have the space to celebrate the diverse cultures that people come from. The Lunar New Year is a testament to the inclusive nature of UBC as an internationally recognized academic community. As UBC enters a new decade of learning and progress, it is the University’s sincere hope this positive intercultural exchange continues and grows in our ever-expanding global village.” — Wendy Yip,UBC Ambassador

In the spirit of sharing culture and promoting intercultural exchange, students were encouraged to explore and try the fun activities being hosted by the different language departments as well as partake in some collaborative group sessions, such as K-pop dance learning sessions by students who are currently taking Korean classes.

The Lunar New Year Event is the perfect time to celebrate thousands of years of culture and heritage, and there is no better cultural site than UBC. UBC is one of the most international and multicultural universities in the world, and UBC values diversity and vitality with a deeper understanding of different people and cultures. Lunar New Year is not just only Chinese, but also Korean, Vietnamese, and Singaporean cultures — more importantly, it is to be shared! Therefore, on the day of the Lunar New Year Event, there were a number of fascinating cultural activities to explore enjoy such as Calligraphy, Sugar Painting, Dumpling Making, Paper Cutting, Traditional Clothes Wearing, Gong-gi Game and so forth. Everyone was welcome to try an activity out — no fear if you did not know how to do something, there was always someone around that was willing to share what they knew and to impart some of their own cultures onto you!

Also, at the Lunar New Year Celebration, there were a variety of spectacular performances by our students such as K-pop Dance by UBC K-Wave: K-pop Dance Club, Beautiful Fan Dance by Chinese Cloud. T Dance Club and Orchestra played by UBC CMC (Chinese Music Club), bringing a full of joy and happiness to everyone!

We wish everyone had the greatest and best time at the event! Most importantly, it is our sincere hope that this Year of the Rat brings with it fortune, prosperity, and happiness. From our family to yours, Happy Lunar New Year! 새해 복 많이 받으세요! Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! 新年快乐!


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