Embark on a Chinese Language Odyssey: CLP’s Imagine UBC 2023 Extravaganza


Every early September, a remarkable day of discovery awaits as Imagine UBC unveils a world of connections and experiences, where new students unite, professors inspire, and countless pathways to involvement beckon at every turn.

This year, the Chinese Language Program (CLP) joined forces with other renowned language programs within the Faculty of Arts at the Asian Studies booth. Together, they aimed to foster a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere, all in celebration of the incredible potential for enhancing the student experience.

Enjoy the CLP Imagine UBC 2023 Reel


Work Learn students and Lecturer Li-Jung Lee (right) welcoming passersby

At the Imagine UBC booth, our dedicated team, including volunteers, Work Learn students, and CLP instructors, kicked off the day by donning traditional Chinese attire, including Qipao and Hanfu. This visually captivating display of culture served as a compelling introduction, inspiring interest in the Chinese language and its rich traditions. Highlighting these elegant outfits not only showcased the beauty of Chinese culture but also piqued students’ curiosity, encouraging them to explore and engage with our language program.


Work Learn students enthusiastically presenting Chinese language courses to the audience


Work Learn students eagerly responding to questions about Chinese language courses

As a wave of inquisitive students flooded into the Buchanan courtyard to discover the Imagine Day booths, the CLP team orchestrated a series of interactive and informative activities. These activities aimed to showcase the enjoyable and engaging facets of learning Chinese. Our dedicated volunteers and instructors were readily available to walk students through the diverse range of curriculum options at their fingertips. Whether they were beginners looking for introductory courses or advanced learners seeking to delve into topics like history, literature, and contemporary issues, students could envision the comprehensive and personalized learning journey that UBC provides to cater to their interests and proficiency levels.


Professor Xiaowen Xu (left) and Lecturer Li-Jung Lee (right) greeting new students

Beyond the course exploration, the event infused an element of enjoyment and engagement. Interactive games and trivia were seamlessly woven into the program, infusing the day with laughter and excitement. Numerous students reconnected with former classmates and engaged in lively conversations with their Chinese instructors, capturing the moments with commemorative photos. These activities not only heightened the event’s overall enjoyment but also underscored the notion that language learning can indeed be a gratifying and fulfilling journey.


Spreading good fortune: Lecturer Xueshun Liu in a red Fortune God outfit strikes a pose with students


Work Learn students in traditional attire engaging with visitors

To help new students envision their future academic and cultural journeys at UBC, we invited former Chinese language learners to share their own experiences.

Samantha Ong, a fourth-year Asian Studies student currently enrolled in CHIN 345, shares her language learning journey. While primarily taking non-heritage courses in the past, Samantha embraces the challenge of stepping outside her comfort zone to achieve new language milestones. She’s excited to push herself and enhance her Chinese language skills in an engaging learning environment.

Throughout the past year, Samantha actively participated in various CLP events and activities as part of her language-learning adventure. These experiences provided unique opportunities for interactions with Chinese speakers, allowing her to fully immerse herself in the rich culture and traditions associated with the language.

Samantha Ong, a 4th-year student majoring in Asian Language and Culture  

“I have always felt that the CLP community is a very supportive and close-knit group, so I feel enthusiastic about learning Chinese and comfortable approaching others for help inside and outside the classroom” – Samantha Ong, a student in CHIN 345


Adam Abraham, a History major, reflects on his journey of learning Chinese. His initial motivation stemmed from his study of East Asian history, where he realized that proficiency in the language was essential for immersing himself in the historical and cultural narratives of the region. Adam’s experience demonstrates the transformative power of language education. It equipped him with the linguistic skills necessary to delve deeper into East Asian history and enabled him to actively engage in the diverse and inclusive UBC community.


Adam Abraham, a 4th-year student majoring in History  

“Having previously taken Mandarin at UBC for two years, I enjoyed being in a rich environment with an abundance of resources available for students. My language learning experience has given me a larger perspective both linguistically and on the community here at university.” – Adam Abraham, a previous student in CHIN 233


For faculty members like Dr. Yuqing Liu, Lecturer in Chinese Language and Literature, this day offers an early chance to connect with enthusiastic students and reignite their passion for bringing fresh energy into the classrooms. Dr. Liu remarks, “Encountering numerous new faces and witnessing students’ interest in Chinese literature has been truly inspiring throughout the day of Imagine UBC. I eagerly anticipate introducing students to classical Chinese poetry and modern Chinese literature in upcoming terms, with the hope that they will find joy in immersing themselves in fascinating literary works.”


Dr. Yuqing Liu, Lecturer in Chinese Language and Literature

“The Chinese Language Program is like a big family with many excellent WorkLearns, volunteers, and professors who all support each other within this inclusive and welcoming community.” – Dr. Yuqing Liu, Lecturer in Chinese Language and Literature


Imagine UBC set the stage for an electrifying and unforgettable launch of the new academic year at UBC, and the thrill continues unabated. We wholeheartedly invite you to stay attuned to CLP’s forthcoming events, workshops, and resources, all meticulously crafted to keep you actively involved and ensure you extract the utmost from your university journey. There’s a wealth of enriching experiences yet to unfold!

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Written by Angelia Tu
Photos by Manyi Chen
Recap Video by Molly Liao