CLP Chinese Game Night


Join us for an interactive game night! Are you ready to win or lose? 


When Where
Friday, Oct 6th
6:00 – 8:00 pm PST
C.K. Choi Building
Conference Room + First Floor Lounge 
All CHIN Students


Bringing back the nostalgic memories of gathering with friends at a heated game night and playing various cards, board games, etc. Come join us on a Friday evening to meet new CLP friends, practice Chinese, enjoy mooncakes, and earn bonus marks for your CHIN courses!

For a night of fun, laughter, and friendly competition, you’ll find traditional Chinese games, including 跳棋(tiào qí) – Chinese Checker, 象棋 (xiàng qí) – Chinese Chess, 大老二(dà lǎo èr) – Big Two, familiar family games like Uno, Monopoly and Pictionary, as well as others such as “Word Capture”, “Talkin Guess”, “Who am I”, “Hot Potato” and “Telephone” that will encourage teamwork and Chinese learning. For an interesting twist, we have created new forms of edutainment by altering some typical game rules to incorporate more language exploration. Curious? Come have fun and take on the challenge!

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  • To allow students to get involved in CLP’s blossoming community and meet new friends.
  • To provide students with an opportunity to share their creativity and earn bonus marks for their current CHIN courses.
  • To enhance intercultural exchanges and communication in our language-exploring curriculum. 
  • To help students relax through fun social activities while practicing their language usage.





























✨【Earn Bonus Marks】

To apply a bonus mark towards your current CHIN course for participating, create and submit a collage or IG story/post (you may have the opportunity to have your submission posted on the CLP’s social media).

Option 1: a mini collage (aspect ratio of 1×1 is highly recommended)

Submission Format

      • Digital version exported from your tablet/phone/computer.
      • A scanned version of your physical copy (for help on how to scan, see Creating a PDF).

To create a collage, check out these online software options for graphic design:

      1. Google Slides
      2. Canva
      3. Figma
      4. Design Wizard
      5. BeFunky


Option 2: an Instagram story/post tagged UBC Chinese Language Program (@ubcchinese or #ubcchinese)

Submission Format

      • Share link exported from your Instagram (for help on how to get a link to a photo or video on Instagram, see IG Help Center


Submission Examples:



Submission Deadline: October 21th (Saturday) @ 11:59 pm PST

Submission Title: Course code + section code_ name (e.g. CHIN131 01_John Lee) 


Part 1: Key Elements of the Submission

The following points should be included in your collage or IG post

      1. Photos and creative elements (ex. photos from the event, game-related images, cliparts, and other visual aids)
      2. [CHIN 450- Students] Chinese words/phrases learned from the event incorporated in the collage and/or text (see below for the breakdown of CHIN language proficiency) 
      3. [CHIN 450+ Students] Chinese poem/short literary texts that the vibe of the event or what happened there reminds you.


Part 2: A reflective portion (ex. 2-3 sentences) on which game you liked the most or how the game night deepened your understanding of the Chinese community and culture

      • submitted in the text box in the Qualtrics survey


Breakdown of Language Proficiency

Based on the CHIN course you are taking, your submission is grouped into a corresponding level as outlined in the table below. 

Basic Level Intermediate Level Advanced Level
Language Class
CHIN131, CHIN231 CHIN331, CHIN335 CHIN401, CHIN405
Language Class
CHIN141 CHIN241 CHIN341, CHIN345, CHIN415, CHIN435
Number of new phrases/words to include at least 3 new words/phrases in Chinese reflection written in at least 100 words in Chinese and English, including at least 5 phrases/words from or relating to the event


Note: Students from CHIN388 can join ONE of the three groups which best suits their current language proficiency.


👉🏼【Submission Instructions

Step 1:Upload your collage to Google Drive and obtain the link (for Option 1) 

  • Upload your submission to your own Google Drive, then get an editable link. Please make sure to set the link to “Editor” mode.  
  • If you are unsure of how to create an editable link, please refer to the following video for a demonstration of how to configure link-sharing: Google Drive: Link sharing (anyone with the link can view/edit)
  • Please note that Google Drive is used for this event, so be aware of the privacy concerns related to Google and take precautions in using the service. 


Step 2:Submit your work by completing the Qualtrics Survey 

  • Submission Link: please click HERE 
  • To fill in the survey, the following information is needed: 
    • Your English full name, Chinese name, and current Chinese course and section number.
    • Option 1: An editable Google Drive link to your submission. 
    • Option 2: An Instagram Share Link

NOTE: By participating in this activity, you give the Chinese Language Program the right to use and/or post your work on our social media, website, and newsletter, unless you state otherwise in your submission. 


Step 3:Submit your work to your desired CHIN class’s course Canvas page for bonus marks

  • Please discuss with laoshi for further details 

If you have any questions or concerns about the event, please feel free to contact us at


Sponsored by the Center for Chinese Research