CHIN 407

Advanced Chinese – Speaking and Writing II

CHIN 407 (3 credits) (3hrs/week)

Speak the language like a pro. CHIN 407 is a continuation of CHIN 407. The course focuses on developing speaking and writing skills for non-heritage students at the advanced level. Students will be actively engaged in communicative tasks that require the use of the new vocabulary, grammatical patterns, discourse device, and cultural information. By the end of the semester, students are expected to be able to conduct conversation and discussion with standard Mandarin pronunciation and appropriate cultural manners. Writing assignments related to different topics discussed in class are designed to reinforce learned knowledge and improve students’ writing skills in Chinese.

This course corresponds with the ACTFL  Advanced-Mid/High Level Language Proficiency.

Textbook : Beyond the Basics:  2nd Edition (Bai et al., 2008 )   

Prerequisite : CHIN 405 or equivalent

Placement interview : required (except for continuing students with advancement approval from previous class)

Continued Area of Study : CHIN 401. (Students can take CHIN 401/403 and CHIN 405/407 concurrently or out of order)

Summer 2024
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