CHIN 337

Non-intensive Intermediate Chinese II Part 2 (for non-heritage students)

CHIN 337 (3 credits) (4hrs/week)

Being able to convey your personal opinion in a different language allows us to widen our horizon. CHIN 337 is a continuation course of CHIN 335 for non-heritage students at the intermediate level. The course revolves around the textbook and in-class activities to further polish students’ Chinese grammar; the abilities to read expository and narrative writings with familiar vocabulary; writing skills of short essays; speaking skills to cope with real life situations; and an understanding of Chinese culture and society.

This course corresponds with the ACTFL Intermediate-High Level Language Proficiency.

Textbook : Integrated Chinese (Simplified Character 3rd Edition) Level 2, Part 2

Prerequisite : CHIN 335

Placement interview : required (except for continuing students with advancement approval from previous class)

Continued Area of Study : CHIN 401 or 405

Summer 2024
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