2019 UBC Language Day

Date: Thursday, September 5th
Time: 10 AM – 4 PM
Location: open area in front of Walter C. Koerner Library  


It’s back to school time! With new students entering and old students returning, the Department of Asian Studies took the chance to exhibit the vastly diverse language programs UBC offers, hosting the annual UBC “Language Day” event.  The Chinese Language Program also took part in this event showcasing its offered course curriculum, student lives, Chinese traditional culture, and future program plans with some exciting games and interactive booth. 



Students first engaged in our interactive game matching well known Chinese dishes to their English names shown by our volunteers and TAs. These dishes had curious names ranging from “lion head” to “Buddha Jump Wall”, each with a unique story behind its origin. The name “Buddha jump wall”, for example, came from the story that the dish was so delicious, even when a monk who should not eat meat smelled it, jumped over the wall and had some.



After students partook in our exciting game, they were led to our booth with the opportunity to learn more about our program. Our booth offered a wide range of information from the diverse program courses to volunteer recruitment. Program faculty members alongside teacher assistants introduced the program and answered any questions or doubts the students might have.


Aside from the info session, we also offered beautiful program merchandise such as pens, postcards, and folders which are uniquely designed by our own worklearns. 

All in all, language day served as a great opportunity for Chinese program faculty members and existing members to interact with students who wanted to learn more about the program. Accompanied by the beautiful weather, fun games, and enthusiastic TAs and volunteers, we hope that every participant of the event learned something new about the program and also had a bit of fun.

Chinese language program offers a wide range of courses for beginners to advanced speakers and various volunteer opportunities from oral practice to events.

We welcome you to join!!