2018 T2 Volunteer Appreciation Night

Event: 2018 Volunteer Appreciation Night

Organizer: Chinese Language Program

Date: Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Location: Asian Center Auditorium



On Wednesday, March 28, The Asian Studies Chinese Language Program organized a Volunteer Appreciation Night to show acknowledgement to all the wonderful volunteers who contributed to our program this school year. The volunteers were all fantastic helpers and demonstrated their exceptional work for all our events. We want to express our gratitude and appreciate their time devotion. With great recognition, we extend our thanks for all of your wonderful service!



All our volunteers were invited to come and be rewarded of their service. The event began with a simple icebreaker game to warm up the atmosphere, followed by a slideshow presentation of the highlights and behind the scenes of all our events. Instructors from the Chinese Language Program attended the event to show their support.


It was a great honour to have Dr. Christopher Rea to give the appreciation speech at the beginning of the event.


For this year, we had a total of 103 volunteers, contributing hundreds of hours to help with the program. The events organized this year include, Lunar New Year Celebration, Lantern Festival Poetry Gala, BC “Chinese Bridge” Mandarin Singing Contest, BC “Chinese Bridge” Mandarin Speech Contest, UBC Cantonese Singing Contest, Volunteer Training Workshop, and with great recognition, the weekly Chinese Tutorial Session.



Our volunteers actively engaged and contributed over 200 hours in the weekly Chinese Tutorial Sessions to help students learn and practice Chinese. They took time out of their busy schedules to come and offer help, they sacrificed their lunch hours, breaks between classes to spend it for a better cause. With their wonderful help, students who competed in the BC “Chinese Bridge” Mandarin Speech Contest achieved high placements. The volunteers were also frequently invited by instructors to participate in small classroom activities to enhance students’ learning and cultural experience.


Our appreciation for our volunteers cannot be simply expressed in a matter of a few words. We entitled a selection awards for the exceptional and outstanding volunteers to recognize their phenomenal work. Instructors of the department awarded them with certificates and souvenirs.


Volunteers are essential and very important to the Chinese Language program. It opens up many opportunities to learn and interact with other students at UBC. It is delightful to see so many people willing to offer their excellent work. With the help and contributions of our volunteers, our Chinese Language program excelled, and the successful events promoted the Asian Studies Department. It is very rewarding to see the bonding between volunteers and students grow every day. Our students really appreciate the help from the volunteers. It is undeniable that you were the ones that kept their interest and most of all, your support and encouragement has shaped them to continue their study in the Chinese language.

Thank you volunteers and we look forward to seeing you next term again!


Award winners:

The Busy Bumblebees: Volunteers who attended the most Tutorial Sessions



The Bridge Builders: Volunteers who helped students win First Place in Speech contest



Lunar New Year Messengers: Volunteers who were the best in organization



Special Contribution