Unveiling Success Stories and Strategies: Recapping the CLP’s PD Workshop #2

In the fast-paced world of today, where career paths are as diverse as they are dynamic, navigating the professional landscape can be both thrilling and challenging especially for students. This workshop discusses networking as a powerful tool to expand your horizons and create opportunities that resonate with your own future career goals.

This past November, the Chinese Language Program hosted its second Professional Development workshop aimed to provide students with a unique opportunity to forge connections, build bridges, and create a valuable network highlighting four of CLP’s outstanding former employees. Here are some valuable highlights from the Workshop:

🎓 Insights from Guest Speakers

Qijiang Zhao (赵琦江): 1L Juris Doctor Student at the University of Toronto
Kai-Li Tan (陈凯丽): Data Science Business Operations Intern (Co-op)
Felicia Yue (岳怡君): Administrative assistant at KPU Melville School of Business
Jingfei Lin(林静飞): Wet Lab Research Assistant at St.Paul’s Hospital (Co-op)

Our guest speakers, including Qijiang Zhao, Kai-Li Tan, Felicia Yue, and Jingfei Lin, shared their unique journeys and invaluable insights into navigating the intricacies of various career paths. From legal studies to data science, administrative roles to wet lab research, their diverse experiences provided an encompassing view of the professional landscape, and how valuable skills gained from working with the CLP has helped them along the way. Various skills acquired through the Chinese language program contribute not only to linguistic proficiency but also to enhance employability and success in diverse career paths.

🔑 Career Tips and Strategies

At the workshop, attendees were treated to an array of practical advice, career strategies, and performance-enhancing tips for their future career and co-op opportunities. Each speaker generously shared their own success stories and the lessons learned along the way, offering a roadmap for participants to chart their course towards success.

The evening dedicated segments from each speaker’s presentation to explore and empower participants with the skills needed to proactively tackle obstacles and contribute meaningfully to their workplaces and hiring interviews. Participants were encouraged to embrace a proactive mindset. Rather than waiting for opportunities to come knocking, taking the initiative involves:

  • actively seeking ways to contribute
  • identifying areas for improvement
  • demonstrating a willingness to go above and beyond.

However taking initiative involves more than just recognizing problems—it requires critical thinking. Our speakers shared strategies for analyzing situations and emphasized how cultivating this mindset can set you apart as a self-starter in any professional setting.

🌐 Networking and Building Bridges

On a similar note, networking is more than exchanging business cards; it’s about building meaningful connections. Our workshop participants received practical advice from finding your own coherent narrative to putting your own career journey out there to explore the horizons. When networking, the ability to communicate clearly and thoughtfully is a powerful tool in building bridges that endure over time. Participants learned their abilities to communicate not just the ‘what’ of their professional background but the ‘why’ —unveiling the motivations and passions that drive their career pursuits. This newfound clarity in communication greatly empowered them to make lasting impressions during networking interactions.

For those looking to explore specific fields, the workshop was an invaluable chance to gain firsthand insights into the day-to-day realities of various professions. Whether you’re a recent graduate, seeking internships or co-ops, or aiming to enhance your current career, the workshop catered to a diverse audience with tailored advice for every stage of professional development.

Beyond the enriching guest speakers, the workshop provided an exceptional networking opportunity. Participants had the chance to connect with our esteemed speakers and fellow attendees, creating a valuable professional network that extends beyond the confines of the workshop.

At last, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the guest speakers and to everyone who participated in making this workshop a resounding success. The enthusiasm and engagement of the CLP community allowed this event to truly resonate with the spirit of collaboration and building connection. If you missed the workshop or want to attend future sessions, please stay tuned to @ubcchinese

Written by Angelia Tu