Registration Guide for Chinese Language Courses

Incoming Students: All incoming students wishing to enroll in any of the CHIN, CNTO, or CLCH-titled courses (including heritage and non-heritage) MUST take the Online Placement Procedure before registration. The Online Placement System will issue placement approvals to place students into appropriate level of classes according to their language background and proficiency.

Heritage students who have extensive Chinese language background (i.e. who have been educated in Chinese speaking countries/regions above Elementary 6 and no more than Grade 12) cannot take language courses. But they can register in the Chinese literature courses for Heritage Learners. Online Placement Approval is required for ALL Literature courses.

For more Online Placement information, click here.

Students who have concerns about their placement result, please email or sign up for in-person placement interview.

Any student who does not follow the placement procedure may be removed from the course at the beginning of term upon a background check conducted by the instructor.

Continuing Students: Continuing students will receive a written Approval for Advancement to enroll in the next level of courses from their current language instructors at the end of the semester, on the condition that they have successfully completed the course (Grade 60 or above).

Registration: Students holding an Approval for Placement (or Advancement) may register by the on-line service on their registration date. Section changes and withdrawals from courses should also be done by the on-line registration. Students registered in a course must submit, in the first class, the issued Approval for Placement (or advancement) to the instructor to claim their eligibility to take the course. Students registered without an official approval may be removed from the class in order to make room for approved students.

Students should note that section changes are difficult to arrange once classes are underway. They should plan their timetable as carefully as possible at the time of their initial registration in order to minimize the need to change sections.

Registration Restriction: Students are NOT allowed to:

  • enroll in a course and its prerequisite concurrently, or,
  • register a course that is at a lower level than the courses they have already taken.

Waiting List:

Please sign up on the waiting list on line or at the department office if the course you want to take is full. We do not take phone or email requests.

For wait listed students please note the following:

  1. You are not permitted to sign up until after your registration date and only if the class is full.
  2. You are allowed to sign up for a maximum of 2 sections per course.
  3. The waiting list does not guarantee you a seat and works on a priority basis; if seats do become available after classes begin, priority will be given to students who are in their 4th year and need the course to graduate or to students who have declared either a Major or Minor in Asian Studies.
  4. Please check the Student Service Centre periodically for available seats. It is your responsibility to register for a course as it becomes available and to not rely on the waiting list for a placement.
  5. You are asked to attend the first day/week of class to see if the instructor will allow you into the class.
  6. Please do not contact the instructor before the first day of class since decisions can not be made until classes start.