CHIN 474 (471+473) Later Classical Chinese Poetry (Intensive)


2020W CHIN471《海上杏梁》

2020S CHIN474《瑰园梦忆》








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CHIN474 Later Classical Chinese Poetry (Intensive)

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CHIN474 Later Classical Chinese Poetry (Intensive) 是UBC中文项目在每年暑期专门开设的六学分、满足文学院文学课学分要求(Arts faculty literature requirement)的课程。古典诗歌在中华文明五千年的历史长河中熠熠生辉,是中华文明宝库中灿烂的瑰宝,是中华文化在大千世界上独特的名片。它以极其简练、形象的语言生动地描绘了一幅幅色彩明丽、动静相宜的画面,创设了深邃幽美的意境,表达了感人至深的情思与感叹。CHIN474课程的核心便是自唐朝起直到清朝的重点诗篇,让身处异国他乡的学生从诗词的视角重新审视中华文化,感受其博大辉煌的精神内核,领略泱泱华夏的经典之美,弘扬传统民族文化。选修本课程的学生需具备熟练运用口头和书面中文的能力,需通过UBC中文项目的分班问卷调查得到许可后注册(> Placement Tests)



> 2020S《瑰园梦忆》

CHIN 474 Later Classical Chinese Poetry (Intensive)

CHIN 474 Later Classical Chinese Poetry (Intensive) is a six-credit course specially offered by UBC’s Chinese Language Program every summer. Classical poetry has always shone brightly throughout the 5000 years of Chinese history. It is a splendid treasure of Chinese civilization and a unique postcard of Chinese culture presented to the world. Classical Chinese poetry paints vivid pictures with bright colors, creating both movement and stillness with its precise use of language, evoking the deepest feelings from its profound beauty. At the core of CHIN 474 are important poems that span from the Tang Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. Students can re-examine Chinese culture from the perspective of poetry, appreciate the beauty of Chinese classics, and delve into traditional culture.

CHIN 474 is a summer intensive course, with roughly 12 hours of lectures and discussions per week. Though intensive, students can be fully immersed in the course content, enjoying diverse teaching methods and close-knit bonds with teachers and students alike. Students learn about the characteristics and contributions of famous poets from the Tang Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, as well as the development process of poetry during that time period. By the end of the course, students are able to identify and analyze higher-level poems in both oral and written Chinese. The curriculum covers renowned figures such as Li Bai, a famous Tang Dynasty poet; students will look into his life experience and his famous poems, such as “将进酒” and “望庐山瀑布”. Students will learn about different artistic techniques used to express Li Bai’s thoughts in his poetry, analyzing lines such as “孤帆远影碧空尽, 唯见长江天际流” from the poem “黄鹤楼送孟浩然之广陵”. In addition, students will study Chinese academic writing, and have the opportunity to showcase their unique understanding of poetry through oral presentations throughout the term. We hope that through this course, students can gain a deeper understanding of classical poetry, and connect with their peers and teachers over their shared interests.

If you want to experience the beauty of classical Chinese poetry, register for CHIN 474!

As a note, students who register for this course should be proficient in both oral and written Chinese, and are only eligible once they have obtained a certificate from the Chinese Language Program placement test (> Placement Tests).

A showcase of this past year’s CHIN 474 student work is displayed here:
> 2020S《瑰园梦忆》

Written by: Ziheng Zhao
English editor: Jessica Qi, Mengyue (Brisa) Sun, Stephanie Wang