CHIN 141

CHIN 141 (3 credits) – Term 1 (4hrs/week)

CHIN 141 is an introductory course for heritage language learners who have native or near-native speaking ability in Chinese, but have little or no knowledge of written Chinese . Building upon the students’ oral/aural abilities, this course aims to develop students’ communicative competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing in spoken Mandarin and modern written Chinese , with special emphasis on reading and writing. By the end of the course, students are expected to have a good command of Mandarin pronunciation, part of basic grammar, an active vocabulary of 300 characters, basic sentence patterns, and basic reading and writing skills in the Chinese language.

Textbook A Primer for Advanced Beginners of Chinese Vol. I (Li et al. 2004) (Simplified character edition)

Prerequisite : None

Placement interview : required.

Continued Area of Study CHIN 143

Winter 2023

CHIN141 Basic Chinese I: Part 1 (Heritage) Sections

Skills in listening to and speaking Mandarin and reading and writing modern written Chinese. Emphasis on reading and writing. Credit will be granted for only one of CHIN 141 or CHIN 111 or CHIN 144.

CHIN141 –> Progress to CHIN143

You have two choices for CHIN143, i.e. in Winter Term 2 2020-2021 or in Summer Term 1 2021.

  • 1st choice: CHIN143 in Winter Term 2.

Winter 2023

CHIN143 Basic Chinese I: Part 2 (Heritage) Sections

Continuation of CHIN 141. Credit will be granted for only one of CHIN 143 or CHIN 113 or CHIN 144.

  • 2nd choice: CHIN143 in Summer Term 1, 2021.
    • Please note that summer CHIN143 is the second part of CHIN144 (=CHIN141+CHIN143).
    • CHIN144 is a six-week six-credit summer intensive course. If you intend to take CHIN143 in the summer, you will be joining the rest of the CHIN144 students for the second three-week period of their course, i.e. May 31 – June 17. Your CHIN143 instructor may request you to join the class a couple of days ahead of the class to adapt to summer intensive learning. The class will meet four times a week, four hours a day, with the exact same instructional hours as a regular winter course. The course is intensive because you are earning the same amount of credits within a very short period of time, i.e. six credits for CHIN144 in six weeks and three credits for CHIN143 in three weeks.
    • Please note that if you have finished CHIN141 this term, you CANNOT register for CHIN144. Please register in CHIN143 in summer term 1 2021. The course is scheduled and confirmed to be offered.
    • After taking CHIN143 in summer term 1 2021, you can join CHIN241 to continue your Chinese learning with your old friends in winter term 1, 2020!