Alumni Spotlight – Liam Bates’s Roadmap to Success via Cultural Curiosity

Liam Bates, an alumnus of the UBC Chinese Language Program (CLP), was a student eager to learn about the world outside his bubble. While at the CLP, he dedicated himself to his studies, going beyond his comfort zone and treating challenges as learning opportunities for personal growth. Inspired by his studies at the CLP, Liam strived to learn more about the Chinese language and culture beyond academia. He went to China to further explore his potential as a life-long learner. The Prezi presentation below showcases how Liam’s passions guide him in the journey of turning his dreams into reality:

In celebration of UBC Asian Studies’ 60th Anniversary, Liam filmed an appreciation video for the Chinese Language Program. In this video, Liam details how his Chinese teachers’ great support, and his engagement with the CLP cultural events have led him to the amazing opportunities he has had. 

Script written by Khushi Nilesh Patil

Image design by Isabelle Dion

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Edited by Shih-wei Wang