2018 Chinese Fun Night

Date: Monday, October 1, 2018

Time: 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Location: Asian Centre Auditorium



On Monday, October 1st, The Chinese Language Program hosted their annual Chinese Fun Night event. The event was brought together by the Non-Heritage Chinese learners, TA, Work Learn (WL), faculty members and volunteers. To accommodate the large number of non-heritage Chinese learners from CHIN 131, the event was split into three one-hour sessions.



Before the start of the event, our faculty members, TA, WL, and volunteers arrived early to help set up the venue. Beautiful wall decorations were made in advanced by some of our volunteers and put up around the auditorium to set the right ambiance for the event.



The Chinese Language Program was proud to invite one of our alumni, Ryan Walker, to host for our event. As a non-heritage Chinese learner, his appearance and experiences shared are motivational to other non-heritage Chinese learners who are learning the Chinese language. Thanks to the Department of Asian Studies, the Chinese Language Program was able to provide delicious mooncakes for our non-heritage Chinese learners to enjoy and experience the mid-autumn festival during the event.



During the event, a little passport was distributed to the student and they were each assigned to different roles. Their goal is to find their missing ‘family members’ as indicated in their passport. The activity urged students to converse with one another in the Chinese language. Wonderful prizes from the Department of Asian Studies were awarded to the first five groups who were successful in finding their ‘family members. The last part of the activity was learning a famous Chinese song “The Moon Represents My Heart.” Taught and led by one of our new faculty members, the students joined together in singing the song.



The Chinese Fun Night was a very successful event to start off the program’s first event of the new school year. Huge thanks to all the students who came and participated in the event. Lastly, the program would like to thank all faculty members and volunteers for putting so much effort in volunteering and supporting the event.




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