Winning Submissions!

Our Mid-autumn Festival Photo Challenge is officially over. Here are the winning submissions!

Most Accurate Picture: Julz Labrash and Alger Liang

Funniest Photo: Anthony Wong

Best Caption: Eunice and Jennifer You

Panelists’ Choice: Wendy Liu

Most Accurate Picture:

Due to the large amount of amazing submissions, we are very excited to announce that we have two winners for “Most Accurate Picture”, Julz Labrash and Alger Liang.

IG: @ellejulzfleur

The moon is beautiful…hm, I really want to wash this beard off my face.

IG: @algerliang


Funniest Photo:

“Funniest Photo” goes to Anthony Wong. Congrats!

IG: @thouartsavvy

“Drink Starbucks coffee to survive another morning online class during this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival! (Not sponsored)”

Best Caption:

Because of the vast range of linguistic ability within our program, we have chosen two winners for “Best Caption”: Eunice and Jennifer You.



Panelists’ Choice:

Instead of Fan Favourite, we are excited to announce a winner for our final category, Panelists’ Choice: Wendy Liu. Congrats!

Note: Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, we were not able to host a popular vote, but wanted to have a reward for a similar category regardless.

IG: @we_ndy5384

This year’s Mid-Autumn festival is celebrated in October. On this day, I drink wine, gaze upon the moon, and recite poetry. Despite the autumn air, the festive atmosphere gathers feelings of warmth and joy. Tonight, I am dressed in long robes and wear a homemade paper hat on top of my bound hair. As the wind blows, it brings my wishes and happiness and carries off my paper hat a thousand miles away.

Lastly, a huge thank you to all our lovely participants! The photo challenge submissions were so fun to go through, and everyone worked so hard.