2022 UBC Lantern Festival

Poetry Night

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Early Submissions Open: Feb 7th – April 3rd

Poetry Night Event Duration: March 3rd – April 15th

Early Submissions: 

Step 1: Please submit through CHIN 450+ Course Canvas > Assignment >  2022上元诗会作品征集 before 11:59 pm PST Friday, Feb 25th

Step 2: Please submit your work again to the Poetry Night Canvas site (enrolment key https://canvas.ubc.ca/enroll/WHBTDW)

March 3rd – April 15th: Participate and Have Fun! 

All CHIN 450+ Students for early submission(Feb 7th – Feb 25th)

All UBC students, faculties, and staff are welcome to participate and join us in celebrating! Enroll here and join in for countless events and invaluable discussions! Everyone’s thoughts are appreciated!


Please stay tuned as we continue to post outstanding submissions on our Instagram, Facebook, and website!


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2022 上元诗会主题:万象更新



Theme of 2022: “Revival” 

The Lantern Festival marks the end of the Spring Festival celebration and officially kicks off a new year. At this intersection of old and new, we jointly celebrate the Lantern Festival with the theme “Revival” to express our best wishes for 2022. Over the past two years, the world has been plunged into the COVID-19 pandemic. “Revival” implies that we will finally move beyond all the difficulties and catastrophes, to usher in the new beginnings of a better post-COVID world. Despite potential obstacles, we still hope to forge ahead with confidence, during which poetry, the essence of language, brings us boundless spiritual force.           

Life is always with ups and downs, just as the moon waxes and wanes. When stuck in predicaments, Ouyang Xiu (1007-1072) chanted, “why lament for the late blooming of wild blossoms?” Su Shi (1037-1101) expressed a similar calm state of mind, chanting “where my heart settles, where my home is.” 

Let’s get together at the 2022 Lantern Festival Poetry Event to appreciate the power inherent in both classical and contemporary poetry in various languages from different cultures. Let’s take this great opportunity to share our thoughts and inspirations in the journey of “Revival”. 


  • To appreciate the power inherent in both classical and contemporary poetry
  • To enjoy poems in various languages from different cultures
  • To have fun as we celebrate the Lantern Festival together
  • To foster a sense of community and intercultural understanding within our online space
  • To provide an opportunity to share your creativity and ideas
  • To embed intercultural awareness into our language learning curriculum

【Detailed Instructions】

To participate in early submission, please submit to

Step 1: CHIN 450+ Canvas > Assignment >  2022上元诗会作品征集

Step 2: 2022 Poetry Night Canvas site (enrolment key: https://canvas.ubc.ca/enroll/WHBTDW)

To ensure you get bonus marks, please also fill out the form HERE

Types of Submission:

  • Photography, calligraphy, painting (submission in full-sized photos/pdf)
  • Original Poems (any presentation style is fine!)
  • Video of chanting poems(classical or contemporary poems)
  • Videos of you singing or dancing 
  • Dubbing videos (Poems related)
  • Other creative videos

* All videos should be about 2 to 3 minutes in length

** Both individual and group submissions are welcome

*** Please follow this format to name your submission: CHIN course number + Your name, e.g.CHIN473 李诗情+肖鹤云

Requirements: content related to poems, preferably related to the 2022 theme “Revival” 🍀 


🏮 Participants may win a prize from the Poetry Night

🏮 Participants may receive bonus marks if they are enrolled in CHIN 450+ courses. Please find CLP bonus mark policies via this link.


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2021 上元诗会Canvas:https://canvas.ubc.ca/enroll/X73NGH


【Important Reminders】

Submissions are due Sunday, April 3rd, 11:59 pm PST!

Please be aware that:

  1. Your video might be featured on our Instagram, Facebook, and website. If you would like us to post your video anonymously, please clearly state it in your submission.
  2. Bonus marks only apply to CHIN students.
  3. Please do NOT depict actual alcohol in the video, i.e. bottles.
  4. Please do NOT depict any political and/or controversial figures, icons, etc. in your video.
  5. Please keep your photo PG-13! Inappropriate entries will be discarded.

NOTE: By participating in this activity, you give the Chinese Language Program the right to use and/or post your image and caption on our social media, website, and newsletter, unless you state otherwise in your submission.

If you have questions about the event, please feel free to contact us at poetrynightubc@gmail.com