2021 Online Game Night

2021 中文奇妙游戏夜 🎮

Poster graphic design/illustration: Ellen Gu


7:00 PM PST, November 19th, Friday

Open to:

CHIN 131, 133, and 231 students ONLY

Zoom link:

Click here for the Zoom link (Meeting ID: 670 3107 3057; Passcode: 169057)


This year, we have prepared a whole night of exciting edutainments and will invite non-heritage students to participate in some pixel role-playing games based on Chinese language and cultures with an interactive UBC map. During the game night, students will be able to use their Mandarin skills acquired in class, gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, and experience UBC campus life by helping 高文中 unlock his sweet dating memories with 白英爱 on Nov 11, the Single’s Festival. Moreover, students will also have the opportunity to earn bonus marks for CHIN courses by participating in this event.

Bonus Mark:

If you want to apply a 0.25 point bonus mark towards your current CHIN course for participating, you will NEED TO write a reflection on which game you like the most, and how the game night deepens your understanding of the Chinese language and culture.

  • You can choose to write a reflection in Chinese (30 characters), OR in English (200 words).
  • Submission Deadline: November 26 (Friday) @ 11:59 pm PST
  • Submission Link: please click HERE.

Requirements — Students in CHIN 131, 133, and 231 classes who submit a qualified reflection on the game night will receive bonus marks for their selected class. For event bonus mark policy, please refer to “2021W1 CHIN Program Co/Extra-Curricular Events and Event Bonus Marks”.


If you have questions about the 2021 Online Game Night, please feel free to contact us at Chinese.event@ubc.ca.