A Panel to Your Heart: Promoting Mental Wellbeing of Heritage Mandarin Learners


DATE/日期: Friday, October 22, 2021

TIME/时间: 7:00 – 8:30 PM PDT

LINK/座谈会链接: Click here for the Zoom link  (Meeting ID: 618 6527 6076; Passcode: 265075)

FORMAT: An interactive panel followed by a Q&A session (oral interpretation will be available)


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About This Panel

Heritage Mandarin learners often grow up in a bilingual and bi-cultural, or even multilingual and multicultural, environment. Such diverse experiences, however, frequently result in some distinctive difficulties, such as cultural confusion and conflicting social expectations, which may lead to some students’ mental wellbeing concerns. 

Given that the related issues can be easily underestimated, the UBC Chinese Language Program is aware of the mental health challenges its heritage Mandarin students are faced with. Thus, the Program is organizing an online panel for its heritage Mandarin learners and their parents, as well as their heritage friends to promote these learners’ mental wellbeing, and raise awareness for mental health and wellness among their family members.

The online panel features

    1. Dr. Xinshu She, a Global Health Pediatrician from Stanford University
    2. Dr. Brenda Lee, a Registered Psychologist at Counselling Services of UBC
    3. Ana Tam, a UBC heritage Mandarin learner

These three panelists will elaborate on the importance of heritage students’ mental wellbeing from both professional and personal perspectives. Furthermore, resources and support at UBC and beyond will be provided so that students can be aware of how to prevent mental-health-related issues and where to go for help. 

We cordially invite our heritage students, their parents and heritage friends to join the online panel on Zoom!

Friendly Reminders:

    1. A reminder to students that you can choose to be anonymous when joining Zoom, and webcams are completely optional.
    2. You are highly encouraged to forward this information to your parents, family members or your heritage friends


Dr. Xinshu She:

Dr. Xinshu She is a Global Health pediatrician with over 13 years of experience working in low-resource settings globally, promoting equity in Health and Education. She speaks 5 languages and collaborates across cultures and disciplines.

She has published on urban-rural health disparities in Chinese youth, quality improvement using participatory art and elevated lead levels in Haitian Children. She has presented nationally and internationally on Social Medicine and Global Health, youth mental health, early childhood development, wellness and professional development. She is the PI of an international collaboration trial assessing the impact of mindfulness and mentoring on migrant youth resilience (MCHRI CE award, 2020).

She has mentored more than 100 youth globally, ranging from left-behind rural Chinese children, high school students in Baltimore/Bronx/California, to medical trainees in Haiti, Harvard medical students and Stanford Diversity scholars. She is a mentor at the AAP national Elevation program for URM students and an abstract advisor for LMIC researchers at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health. She has been twice awarded the AAP national Advocacy conference scholarship and regularly advocates for underserved communities through local and national organizations.

Dr. Brenda Lee:

Dr. Brenda Lee (she/her/hers) is a Registered Psychologist in the Province of BC. She completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Ph.D.) at the University of New Brunswick and completed her pre-doctoral residency at the University of Manitoba. Her doctoral research focused on relationship dynamics and sexuality. She has received national recognition for her research and presentations, including placing as a finalist for the Canadian 3 Minute Thesis® competition in 2017.

Dr. Lee’s clinical work focuses on assessment and treatment of trauma and difficulties in adjustment. She provides workshop and outreach programming for professional and public audiences. In her therapy work, Dr. Lee draws upon Cognitive-Behavioural, Acceptance and Commitment, Mindfulness-Based, and Solution-Focused approaches. She is a first-generation Taiwanese-Canadian immigrant, who lives, works, plays, and fosters her relationships in the unceded homelands of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, and Squamish nations, often known as Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Engagement with UBC: Dr. Lee is a staff psychologist at Counselling Services at UBC. Her responsibilities include assessing and treating mental health difficulties, developing and running group programs, consulting with other staff and faculty to help in student development, outreach events (such as this panel), and supervision of doctoral and master level trainees. Dr. Lee also completed her undergraduate studies at UBC (BA, 2011).

Ana Tam:

Ana Tam is a third-year Political Science student at the University of British Columbia. She took CHIN 243, a course designed for Chinese heritage students at the intermediate level. During her time at this panel, she will be sharing her personal experiences with mental health where many students may also relate with her struggles of maintaining a healthy balance in all sectors of life, and explain how she overcame the difficulties of declining mental health. She will be centering her topic around her most recent mental health struggles, and illustrate the journey she has taken to regaining control over her headspace, so she can persist through her school and work-life during the unprecedented times of the pandemic.

【For Bonus Mark】CHIN Heritage Language Students:

If you want to apply a 0.25 point bonus mark towards your current CHIN course for participating, you (or your parents) will NEED TO write a reflection (detailed rubrics below) on the importance of mental health in your life, and how this panel has inspired you to take care of your mental wellness.

  • Submission Deadline: October 29 (Friday) @ 11:59 pm PDT
  • Submission Link: please click HERE.

Requirements Students in CHIN heritage language classes who submit a qualified reflection on the panel will receive bonus marks for their selected class. For event bonus mark policy, please refer to “2021W1 CHIN Program Co/Extra-Curricular Events and Event Bonus Marks”.

You (or your parents) can choose to write a reflection in Chinese (rubric below 👇), OR in English (300 words). You (or your parents) are required to address at least one idea mentioned in the panel along with your own thinking.

NOTE: In order to encourage your parents’ engagement in your learning and mental wellbeing development, your parents, instead of you, can submit their reflection to help you earn the bonus mark. If your parents write the reflection, please make sure to fill in your own student information in the event bonus mark record when submitting the reflection. You are highly encouraged to work with your parents to write a reflection together as well (but no double dipping 😉). 




本次座谈会邀请了三位嘉宾:佘心澍博士、Brenda Lee博士和Ana Tam同学。佘心澍博士是国际儿科健康医师,现任职于美国斯坦福大学。Brenda Lee博士是UBC心理咨询服务团队的在职注册心理咨询师。Ana Tam同学是一名UBC大三的华裔学生。她们将从专业与个人视角讲解心理健康的重要性。本次座谈会还将介绍UBC校内有关心理健康的资源以及校外的相关信息,以供学生及家长参考使用。



    1. 您可以选择使用匿名的方式前来参加讲座,也可以选择不打开摄像头。
    2. 欢迎您转发此次的讲座信息给您的家人,或者拥有华裔背景的朋友。



佘心澍博士目前是美国斯坦福大学医学院儿科的助理教授,在全球儿童健康领域有着13年的从业经验,也是斯坦福国际健康创新中心 (Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health) 的成员、美国儿科医协会驻全美女性医师领袖联盟的代表。


佘医生非常关注全球儿童健康,尤其是针对缺乏医疗资源的地区的儿童。她2014年-2016年在海地的经历对她触动很大,因此特别致力于推广全球的健康与教育平等。她还在贵州农村地区做过调研,注意到留守儿童的心理健康辅导问题后,进行并发表了关于中国农村和城市青少年健康差异的研究。佘医生的研究领域包括:社会医学 (social medicine)和全球健康、青少年心理健康、儿童早期发展、职业与精神健康发展等等。她也在全球范围内为青少年及医护人员提供心理健康辅导。

Brenda Lee博士

Brenda Lee博士是具有BC省心理咨询资质的咨询师。她在加拿大曼尼托巴大学取得硕士学位后,在纽布朗威克大学完成了博士研究。她的博士研究领域涉及动态关系与性向。Lee博士的研究及报告曾受国家级认可,并荣获加拿大“三分钟学术简报”大赛的决赛资格。

Lee博士临床心理学的研究方向主要聚焦心理创伤的评估和治疗,以及如何克服康复过程中遇到的困难。她常为专业人士及公众举办研讨会和拓展项目。在治疗实践中,Lee博士主要运用认知行为、接受与承诺、 静观认知和寻解导向等疗法。Lee博士也是第一代华裔移民,她在这片属于 Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh和Squamish原住民部族的土地上(常被称为温哥华)成长生活。