2021 UBC Online Lantern Festival Poetry Event

2021 UBC Online Lantern Festival Poetry Event

February 26-April 9

Canvas Online Platform

(Self-Enrollment Key Available on February 26)

Open to view by CHIN 450+ literature course students and CHIN 400 level language course students

2021 UBC Online Lantern Festival Poetry Event
Covid Keeps Us Apart, but Poetry Brings Us Together!

One night’s east wind adorns a thousand trees with flowers,

And blows down stars in showers.

Fine steeds and carved carriages spread fragrance en route;

Music flows from the flute;

The moon sheds its full light

While fish and dragon lanterns dance all night.

“Emperor Xianzong Seeking Entertainment at the Lantern Festival,”
collected by National Museum of China

Marking the end of the Spring Festival celebration, the Lantern Festival officially kicks off a lunar new year of harvest and good fortunes. Lanterns lit, firecrackers set off, laughter in the air as people gather together to eat sweet rice dumplings while solving lantern riddles – the Lantern Festival is always filled with sound and light. With its brightness, warmth, and festivities, this festival never fails to dispel all the darkness and gloominess – precisely what we need during a pandemic! We hereby cordially invite you to join the “2021 UBC Online Lantern Festival Poetry Event” hosted by the Chinese Language Program in the Department of Asian Studies at UBC.


Featured guest poetry demonstration in multiple Asian languages

Multi-media exhibition of student talents (calligraphy/photography/painting/performance)

Student poem recital, both classical & modern

Student poem composition, both classical & modern

Solving lantern riddles; and much, much more!

“Viewing Lanterns,” by Li Song (ca. 1190-ca. 1230), collected by National Palace Museum

This is our FIRST online poetry event, so get ready for even more fun! Covid may have kept us apart, but we will fight it with our creativity, ingenuity, and diversity within our online community. We feature a variety of fascinating activities including poetry, calligraphy, photography; poem recitation, explication, and appreciation; videos of singing, dancing, and music playing – you name it! During the poetry event, you will meet friends of old and new, marvel at the kaleidoscope of student talents, feel the palpitating brilliance of classical culture, and much more. The sound of poetry and music, along with the sights of paintings and performances, will altogether orchestrate a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of the Lantern Festival.

What are you waiting for? Let your imagination run wild, let your innovation shine bright! Come and join the 2021 Online Lantern Festival Poetry Event! 


When all at once we turn our head,

We find you there where lantern light is brightly shed.

(“The Lantern Festival Night to the Tune of Green Jade Tableby Xin Qiji, translated by Xu Yuanchong)