2020 UBC Lantern Festival Poetry Night Invitation

The Chinese Language Program invites you to come out and join us in the annual UBC Lantern Festival Poetry Night. The event will be on Thursday, February 27th from 4:00 – 6:30 PM at the UBC Asian Center Auditorium. Come watch the lines of celebrated poets from a history spanning thousands of years come to life in one evening with the effort of our Chinese Literature students. 


Love. Longing. Delight. Sorrow. These raw passions are what make us human and have deeply shaped our history of communication as a civilization. Under the tutelage of dedicated instructors in Chinese literature, our students have explored the depth of Chinese poetry, reflecting on how the poetic echoes from the past resonate with them today. In a world that is increasingly filled with shallow language, we hope that we may present a cultural space for appreciation of rich literature.


A celebration of the achievements in learning and cultural exchange, the Poetry Night will feature cheerful moments of Poetry Competition, Poetry Recitation, creative ways to showcase understanding of the poetry and traditional Lantern Festival games such as Lantern Riddles, etc. With music, song, and dance, this event will be an exploration into traditional Chinese culture. We hope that you would time travel to the past with the stories we weave.


Poetry is meant to be shared and heard, and we invite you to join us in an evening of cultural performances and dynamic excitement. Lovingly prepared by our students, the Lantern Festival Poetry Night looks forward to seeing you!