2019 UBC Lantern Festival Poetry Night

2019 UBC Lantern Festival Poetry Night:  Now the dusk descends, let’s meet the Moon!


Up above are glinting lanterns and fireworks,

as bright as daylight,

and here couples reunite at dusk;

Under the moon is the Cloud City,

where sleeve dances are seen with the sound of

laughters and verses humming.


As the fifteenth day of the first Chinese lunar month approaches, the Lantern Festival awaits. People gather around to light lanterns, solve Lantern riddles, and enjoy a poetic night on this special eve in Vancity. Amidst these festivities, we are pleased to present you the “2019 UBC Lantern Festival Poetry Night” hosted by UBC Department of Asian Studies Chinese Language Program.



2019 UBC Lantern Festival Poetry Night

February 28th, 4:00-6:00 PM

UBC Asian Centre Auditorium


Event agenda:

Poetry contest; Recitation competition

Guest performance; Award ceremony


A grand gathering of classical and modern poems awaits you!


This is the second UBC Lantern Festival Poetry Night since 2018. Last year, it brought special surprises to our teachers and students. Let us celebrate some of the happiest moments from last year’s Poetry Night:



This year’s Poetry Night will include two main competition categories: the poetry contest and the recitation competition. Carefully selected from the UBC Chinese courses, our top-notch contestants will perform a splendid recital of ancient and contemporary Chinese poems, with harmonious background music. These talented contestants/performers will undoubtedly touch the audience with their artistic presentations of the poetic pieces, and needless to say, the excitement of their fierce competition will absolutely fascinate each and every viewer on site. We have also invited many of our knowledgeable and respected professors from UBC Asian Studies, as well as from UBC Library, as our distinguished guests. They will provide insightful comments on the performances as well as introduce us to the myriad kinds of traditional festivals, poems and cultural backgrounds. Other special groups such as UBC Hanfu Culture Society, will also attend the event and grace us with their great performance.


Don’t want to be just a viewer? Want to be part of this festivity? We have designed special activities for you! Riddles and couplet poems, you name it! Show us your literary talents and amaze us with your creativity!


Without the lantern light,

It will be a dull moon night;

Without the moon fully round,

The spring has not truly arrived;

If you didn’t smile a hearty smile,

How could you enjoy this joyous while?


The snow is white, and the moonbeams all right; it is high time for us to meet at this Poetry Night!