2019 T2 Volunteer Appreciation Party

Date: Friday, April 5, 2019

Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Location: Nest Bukhman Lounge



On Friday, April 5th, the Chinese Language Program hosted their termly “Volunteer Appreciation Party” to show appreciation for all the hard work our volunteers have invested into helping the program. The appreciation party was organized by our Faculty members, Teaching Assistants, and Work Learns at the Nest’s Bukham Lounge to celebrate the end of another fulfilling school year.



The party featured a potluck style lunch, where the program’s faculty members, TA’s, and WL’s prepared delicious dishes and desserts to create a more cozy ambience. Throughout the party, volunteers were free to socialize and were divided into different groups to participate in the many fun activities prepared, which included blindfold drawing, a game of kahoot related to Chinese culture and facts, and even a game of the whisper challenge!



A short humorous yet touching video prepared by the TA’s and Professors was played to bring the event to an end. The video involved a short skit written and performed by our Professors and TA’s, that compiled some common volunteer experiences throughout the year, from initial nervousness to interact with students, to some of the bizarre questions asked by students. The skit’s funny yet realistic storyline brought smiles and laughs to everyone’s faces. At the end of the video, faculty members in the Chinese Language Program delivered heartfelt messages of thanks and appreciation to volunteers for all of their meaningful contributions, how it not only helped them, the program, but more importantly, the students.



Lastly, all the volunteers were awarded certificates which was proudly presented by Professor Xinxin Wu and Professor Bihua Lin. As the finale, volunteers, TAs, WLs, and professors gathered to take a group picture, bringing the event to a successful end!




The Appreciation Party is meaningful for it not only showed the appreciation from the Chinese Language Program, but it was also an opportunity for volunteers to make new friends, build valuable friendships and establish new connections. Huge thanks to all TA’s, WL’s, volunteers and Professors for organizing and coming to support the event. Once again, special thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work this term and we hope to see you all again next term!

Click here to view the short skit!

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