2019 Chinese Fun Night

Date: Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

Time: 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Location: Asian Centre Auditorium


This year, the annual Chinese Fun Night Event took place on October 1st at the Asian Centre Auditorium, which was hosted by the Chinese Language Program. Faculty members, Teaching Assistants (TAs), Work Learns (WL) and volunteers prepared fun activities for Chinese learners with collective efforts. The preparation and in-class promotion started weeks before the event with substantial support from dedicated volunteers, TAs and WLs. All students from the non-heritage class of CHIN 131 were invited to join the event.



On Tuesday, over a hundred and fifty Non-Heritage Chinese language students attended the Fun Night event. Students had a fantastic time practicing their Chinese speaking skills with peers and volunteers, as well as celebrating and learning about the Mid-Autumn Festival. The event was separated into three one-hour sessions to ensure that every student could experience an enjoyable time.



Over the past weeks, the non-heritage students learned about family members and how to introduce themselves in Chinese. During the event, each student was assigned a different role and given a “passport,” which was an activity booklet. Their first task was to find their missing “family members” as indicated on their passport. Students were encouraged to converse with one another in Mandarin. This interactive activity not only allowed students to practice the new vocabularies taught but also met new friends who are also passionate about learning the Chinese language and culture.



After reuniting with their “family members,” students received their second task to piece together a broken moon, which hid in different parts of the venue. To obtain the missing pieces, students had to learn and sing the Chinese song “I Love My Family.” As the moon was pieced back together, everyone joined lustily in the chorus of the song.



In the activity, the moon becomes full when “families and friends” finally gathered. In Chinese culture, the moon is the symbol of a blissful family. The Mid-Autumn Festival occurs when the moon appears brightest and roundest in the whole year. This day is also the time for Chinese families to get together and appreciate the love and support from family and friends. By introducing this Chinese tradition, the Chinese Language Program aims to illustrate the importance of the Mid-autumn festival in Chinese culture.




This year’s Chinese Fun Night event set up the stage for numerous upcoming events in the new school year. The Chinese Language Program expresses deep and sincere gratitude to every student who participated in the event. Last but not least, the program would like to thank all faculty members, TAs, WLs, and Volunteers for committing their time and effort to this fabulous event.


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