2019 CHIN 233 Happy “Fun” Summer Vacation Travel Fair Final Project

Date: Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Time: 5:00 pm –  7:00 pm
Location: UBC Asian Studies Auditorium



On Wednesday, April 3rd, the Chinese Language Program hosted their first CHIN 233 Final Oral Project Exhibition. The exhibition was brought together by our faculty members, Teaching Assistants (TA), Work Learns (WL), volunteers, as well as our Chinese Non-Heritage learners from CHIN 233.

This is a mini exhibition for nearly 60 students taking the Non-Heritage-stream Chinese course during winter term 2 of 2019. The overarching theme of this exhibition is “Happy ‘Fun’ Summer Vacation” 快乐”放“暑假.



On the day of the event, there was a total of 15 groups that presented: The first seven groups presented in the first round, whereas the remaining groups presented in the second round.

By means of oral presentations and a short video, students are expected to promote a travel package as though they are working in a travel agency to their teachers, TAs, WLs, and Chinese student volunteers in Chinese. The goal of the project is to simulate a real-life situation and allow students to practice their conversational and interpretative language skills.



Come take a look at the Prize winners of the night:

Best Speech: Joyful Summer 开心暑假 (Representative of the team)


Best Teamwork: Happy Malaysia 开心马来西亚


Best Promotional Video: Rainbow Holidays 彩虹假期 (Left) and Star Travel Agency 星旅行社 (Right)


Best Creativity: KOJ Travel Agency (Left) and Chocolate Airlines 巧克力航空 (Right)


Best Poster Design: Four Seas Travel Agency 四海旅行社 (Left) & Jovial Travelling 开心旅行社 (Right)


Best Customer Service: Hot Chilli Journey 辣椒 and Friendship Travel 友谊


Thumbs Up Prize: Final Destination 最终目的地, Lotus Travel 墨荷, Soaring Agency 翱翔旅行, Culture Travel Agency 文化,Brilliant Asia 微妙亚洲 


A big round of applause to all the CHIN 233 students for their hard work and wonderful presentations. The event was a fun and engaging one for students to advance in their path for learning Chinese. Huge thanks to all faculty members, TA’s, WL’s, and volunteers for putting the exhibition together. Once again, the exhibition was a successful event and thank you CHIN 233 students for bringing us much joy with their presentations.  

For more photos of the event, please visit our Facebook page.