2018 First-Year Educators’ Symposium


2018 First-Year Educators’ Symposium

Theme: Engaging the Whole Student in the First-Year experience

Date: Saturday, January 20, 2018

Location: Irving K Barber Learning Centre


The University of British Columbia’s CTLT (Centre of Teaching and Learning Technology) organized a First-Year Educators’ Symposium on January 20, 2018. The Symposium welcomed an experienced lecturer, Xueshun Liu, from the UBC Chinese Language Program. He presented on the idea of Engaging the Whole Student in the First-Year experience.

Lecturer Xueshun Liu specifically talks about the topic of “Student Wellbeing: How to Achieve Long-Term Results”. Xueshun Liu expresses that “Most teacher are not professional counsellors. Even so, because they are influential figures in the educational setting, their teaching can contribute to the mental wellbeing of students, especially the first-years who find the transition period from secondary to university education very challenging. I will share two cases with the group. By offering support and encouragement effectively, first year students can cultivate happiness and develop a character of perseverance. These two essential aspects of mental health can help them throughout their undergraduate years and beyond.”

Xueshun Liu demonstrated an outstanding performance during the entire presentation and was praised especially during the Q and A session. He presented his knowledge on Chinese traditional philosophical thinking and shared his experience to effectively play the teacher’s role in a classroom setting and attract student engagement.  Xueshun Liu received considerable recognition from many non-Chinese professors, it was a great delight to have Xueshun Liu speak at the event. Xueshun Liu also expressed the importance of Confucianism and how it can be useful in classrooms and enhance interactions between teachers and students. The Symposium was a big success and influenced many people.