2017 BC Chinese Bridge Singing Contest

On November 4th, 2017, the BC “Chinese Bridge” Mandarin Singing Contest for university students was a complete success! The BC “Chinese Bridge” Mandarin Singing Contest is one of the biggest annual events and a big stage for non-heritage students who are interested in learning the Chinese language or to demonstrate proficiency in Chinese as a second language.

About 93 students from 10 post-secondary institutions of BC participated in the contest. After a fierce competition, UBC contestants achieved excellent results- winning 7 out of 16 prizes in total.

Congratulations to all award-winners and every UBC student who participated in the contest! All of instructors, TAs and volunteers in the Chinese Language Program are very proud of you! Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a great success!

To succeed in the competition, UBC contestants worked hard, focusing intensely on their songs and choreography. Especially during the busy exam period, all of the contestants used their little spare time to practice with their coach and attend several dress rehearsals. All the efforts that students have made are sincerely appreciated. We also appreciate the help of the instructors who persevered with the contestants in the face of challenges.

A big thank you also goes to Chinese Language Program instructors, TAs and volunteers for their enthusiastic participation and help with preparations. Tonight’s performances were wonderful because of passion. It is love that ignites passion and transfers it between mentors and contestants!

We are grateful to have Dr. Duanduan Li to cheer our students and award to prizewinners.

Awards & Contestants and Class/Instructor


1. Solo Second Place – Nina Brennan

(CHIN141/ Ms. Zheng Bin; Volunteer/ Zehui )


2.Solo Second Place – Christopher Heathe

(CHIN331/ Ms. Yu-Chi Kuo; Volunteer/ Tongyao Liao)


3.Group Singing First Place –Jacqueline Mah, Fatna Soufi, Elizabeth Ngo, Melodie Honen-Delmar, Grace Young, Nate Carlos.

(CHIN335 and CHIN131 / Ms. Yu-Chi Kuo and Ms. Chieh-Yang Chang; Volunteer/ Tongyao Liao)


4.Group Singing Second Place –Laura Griffin, R
ana Alamdaran, Rikiya Arai, Melissa Chan, Jalan Vasudha, Sonoha Mori, Sofy Vasquez, Han Byul Yoo

(CHIN231/ Ms. Mingzhu Lu; Volunteer/ Yiru Wang and Jiaojiao Han)


5.Group Singing Third Place – Jessica Elliott, Condie Cantrell, Rei Ikeda, Sabrina Dang

(CHIN131/ Ms. Xinxin Wu and Mingzhu Lu; Volunteer/ Yu Hao)


6.Best Chinese Style Award – Aerial Sunday

(CHIN131/Ms. Mingzhu Lu; Volunteer/ Wanshan Cen)


7.Best Stage and Appearance Award –Thenuka Karunarate, Kayla Vo

(CHIN131/Ms. Xinxin Wu; Volunteer/Kate Zhou; TA/ Yiwen Zheng)


Below are more wonderful moments of this contest.