2019 UBC CHIN243 Documentary Festival -​Stories About Us, By Us, For Us 《知我,致我》

  On behalf of the Chinese Program of the UBC Department of Asian Studies, the Class of CHIN 243 would like to invite you to their documentary film exhibition: “To Us, For Us & By Us”. Exclusively presented by the Chinese heritage students of CHIN 243, there will be documentaries and personal stories that lead […]

2019 UBC Lantern Festival Poetry Night

Date: Thursday, February 28, 2019 Time: 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm Location: UBC Asian Centre Auditorium   On Thursday, February 28, the Chinese Language Program hosted the 2019 UBC Lantern Festival Chinese Poetry Night to celebrate the fifteenth day of the first Chinese lunar month at the UBC Asian Centre.     The poetry conference […]

2019 Happy Volunteer’s Day

Date: Wednesday- Friday, February 13-15, 2019 Time: 11:00 am – 5:30 pm Location: Auditorium Annex B     As the spirit of Valentine’s Day is to show appreciation and love to the ones we care about, the UBC Chinese Language Program wanted to make this special occasion more colorful for our student volunteers. Without their […]

2019 UBC Lantern Festival Poetry Night

2019 UBC Lantern Festival Poetry Night:  Now the dusk descends, let’s meet the Moon!   Up above are glinting lanterns and fireworks, as bright as daylight, and here couples reunite at dusk; Under the moon is the Cloud City, where sleeve dances are seen with the sound of laughters and verses humming.   As the […]

2019 Lunar New Year Celebration—Year of the Pig

【金猪报喜 诸事大吉——2019 农历新年庆祝会】 The Department of Asian Studies would like to invite you in joining the “2019 Lunar New Year Celebration— Year of the Pig.” The event will be held at the Nest Atrium Lower Level from 11am to 4:30pm on February 8th, 2019. The Lunar New Year marks an important holiday and is celebrated […]

Summer 2018 CHIN 334

TAIWAN – Learning Chinese in a Living Classroom in Taiwan | CHIN234

An overseas language course involves learning not only the language but also the culture, both spoken and unspoken, of the people who speak that language daily and the ways they live and think. CHIN234 is a six-week intensive Chinese language course designed to help you develop and apply your Chinese language skills while being immersed in the unique environment of Taiwan and interacting with local people.

August and September Training session 2018

Date: August 27-29, September 8 Location: Asian Center Auditorium and C.K. Choi Building     From August 27th to 29th, The Chinese Language Program hosted their training session for all Teaching Assistants, Work Learns and Volunteers.   The training session workshop was offered to allow TA’s, WL’s and Volunteers to be familiar with the structure […]

渐于诗律细 诗词格律与写作(一) How to Compose Chinese Metrical Poems (I)

On Wednesday, March 21, 2018, the UBC Chinese Poetry Society held the first seminar on how to compose Chinese metrical poems at the Asian Centre. The seminar targeted four main topics: poem structure, rhyme scheme, ping-ze / level and oblique tones and antithesis. The audience was engaged and enthusiastically discussed on the related topics. They also shared their experience of composing Chinese metrical poems, and benefited a lot.

UBC Chinese Poetry Society 1st Gathering –英歌诗社首次雅集

On Lunar New Year day, the UBC Chinese Poetry Society (UCPS) had their first gathering at the Asian Center.