2020 Chinese Language Program Winter Teaching Assistantships

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Application deadline: August 21st 2020, 12:00pm (noon)

Roles and responsibilities: CLP TAWL Job Description


Period of Employment:

Term 1:       Sept 1st – Dec 31st, 2020

Term 2:       Jan 1st – April 30th, 2021



As it is an extremely difficult time right now and the school has announced 2020-2021 Winter Term 1 will be held online, there have been a few changes to the qualification for our TA/WL positions. In order to be considered for a TA/WL position in 2020-2021 Winter Terms, you must qualify for all requirements below.

  1. Fluence in both Mandarin and English
  2. Have a valid SIN
  3. Be a current student at UBC, meaning you cannot have graduated in May 2020 (2019W2).
  4. If you are an international student, your study permit must be active during the appointment.
  5. Be located in Canada during your appointment (preferably in BC). 
    1. If you intend to have partial residence in Canada from Sept-Apr. 2020-2021, we encourage you to apply and explain your situation.  
    2. If you don’t plan to be in Canada at all, we strongly encourage you and welcome you to continue working with us as a volunteer. We will continue to host one-on-one oral practice and other events during winter terms.


Application Procedure:

If you are interested in our program and meet all the requirements above, please fill out an application here: 2020/2021 CLP TAWL Application

If selected, you will be informed about the result of your application by the HR assistant Worklearn. Please note that generally it is impossible to make firm decisions about appointments until the enrollments are known at the end of the registration period. UBC hires on the basis of merit and is committed to employment equity. We encourage all qualified applicants to apply.


Current salary: 

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA1): $18.15/hour

Undergraduate Work Learn : $17.69/hour 



Question 1: 是否一定要写Reference?谁可以做我的Reference?
Answer: 我们强烈建议大家填写reference。我们会以大家上交的references作为参考标准并去衡量m。References分为以下两种:
1.Within CLP: 例如CLP的TAWL/老师(推荐, 或是与你一起工作过,认识你的老师或者TA/WL)
2. Beyond the academic field:例如你之前的employers, instructors, etc. 对你有专业以及公正的评估。

Question 2: 是否只有UBC Undergrad可以申请TAWL的职位, 还是有Master学位的也可以申请?
Answer: UBC的在读Master 可以申请WL的positions,但不能申请TA职位。您必须是active UBC undergrad 学生才能够申请CLP的TA的positions。

Question 3: WLs和TAs有什么区别?
Answer: TA和WLs有一些工作性质上的区别,所以他们的职责也有所不同。如果想要更加详细了解TAWLs的工作职位和责任可以查看该链接:CLP TAWL Job Description。

Question 4: Term 1 我很忙,无法胜任这个职位。我可以直接申请term2吗?
Answer: 可以。如果你只想申请term2,请在填写申请表的时候只选择申请term2的position。

Questions5: 我可以在加拿大之外的其他国家工作吗?
Answer: 根据学校规定,所有工作职位的工作人员在任职期间必须在加拿大境内。如果申请职位时暂时不能确定自己的居留情况,请在申请表格上说明情况。

Question 5: 如果我暑假在国内,但是开学前有回温哥华的意愿,申请TA可以作为入境温哥华的essential reason吗?
Answer: 特殊情况下学签不能作为入境加拿大的理由。除非学校开学并且有in person的课程,你才能以学生的身份进入温哥华。能否入境加拿大,取决于加拿大政府的入境政策。


For more related questions, please visit:  https://asia.ubc.ca/graduate/opportunities/assistantships/


If you wish to learn more about TAWL’s role, please refer to the file: CLP TAWL Job Description_Extended

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our HR Assistant Vivian (vivian.zhang@alumni.ubc.ca)